Aesthetic services for a perfect smile.




Natural discoloration makes your teeth look darker than they would be normally. Bleaching is the right method for regaining a radiant smile.


Our bleaching treatments to improve the color of your teeth

Unlike plaque, discolorations resulting from the consumption of certain foods and other substances can make your teeth look darker. Professional dental cleaning cannot eliminate these pigments completely. We recommend our range of bleaching treatments for regaining a radiant smile:


Home bleaching – Dental Office of Dr. med. dent. M.Sc. Wolf & ColleaguesHome bleaching – flexible to suit your routine.
We provide you with a custom-made tray that fits your teeth and a gel for bleaching your teeth at home. This means that you remain flexible because you decide when you want to apply the gel, and how long for. You can even do this at night!


Power bleaching – Dental Office of Dr. med. dent. M.Sc. Wolf & ColleaguesPower bleaching in our practice – fast and highly effective.
We use a highly effective bleaching gel for laser-activated treatment on our premises. This produces the desired whitening effect after about one hour and you leave our practice with visibly white teeth.