Aesthetic dental treatment. For a film-star smile.


Aesthetic dental treatment. For a film-star smile.


In just a few steps you can smile like a Hollywood star with our
innovative and gentle methods of treatment.
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  • Are you bothered by your crooked smile?
  • Do you have unsightly gaps between your teeth, or irregular edges?
  • Have you always admired the shining white teeth of celebrities and VIPs?


We can help you in just one visit with our innovative and gentle methods: after minimal preparation of the surface of the tooth, we apply a ceramic composite that is stable with respect to its shape and color. Once this composite has hardened there are no longer any unsightly gaps.


Veneers – Ceramic Covering Shells

Teeth can change their shape through wear over many years, or slight misalignments or gaps can occur with the front teeth. This can be covered with wafer-thin ceramic shells (veneers) that have a high degree of biocompatibility. The surface of the tooth has to be made rough before the veneer can be applied.

Veneers – Ceramic Covering Shells, before treatment (left), result of treatment (right)

Get a radiant smile in just two appointments – Dental Office of Dr. med. dent. M.Sc. Wolf & ColleaguesUsing veneers we make a visible improvement to the surface of your teeth in just two appointments.