Lippen unterspritzen mit Hyaluron ·


Lip injection with hyaluron


Who knows better about lip aesthetics than the dentist and
is experienced in handling syringes in the sensitive mouth area?


Application examples for lip injections with hyaluron


We inject your lips specifically with natural hyaluron.

Dabei achten wir auf Ihr natürlich bleibendes Aussehen und helfen Ihnen dabei, ein volleres und sinnlicheres Gesamtbild Ihrer Lippen zu erzielen – auf Wunsch auch etwas mehr!

In doing so, we pay attention to your naturally lasting appearance and help you achieve a fuller and more sensual overall appearance of your lips - even a little more if desired!


Lip injections with hyaluron - before and after


More information about the procedure:

Hyaluronic injections of the lips is a cosmetic procedure used to add volume and improve the shape of the lips. In this procedure, hyaluronic acid - a natural substance found in the body - is injected into the lips to fill them out and make them larger. The effect usually lasts for several months before further treatment is required.

There are few risks and side effects overall (occasional minor swelling or bleeding).

Gladly we inform and advise you - ask us!