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certified implant practice


As a certified implant practice we offer you the appropriate solution for your dental prosthesis with excellent value for money. Please ask us about teeth in one hour!


Dental implants can restore the natural situation in your mouth.

Unlike conventional dentures – the ones you know as partial or complete sets of false teeth – implantology involves the replacement of not only the visible dental crown, but also the root of the tooth, which is hidden below the gum line. Implants can restore the full biological function of the natural teeth. Patients with full sets of false teeth lose up to 90% of their original chewing force. Teeth that slip or restrict the wearer's ability to chew are a thing of the past where implants are concerned.

Dental implant (left), conventional denture (right)


Health-related and aesthetic advantages for any age

A decision to have implants is good for the neighboring teeth, which suffer less as a result. Implants do not require things such as wires to hold them in place. They transfer chewing pressure to the jawbone in a similar way to natural teeth, which helps to counteract bone resorption that occurs in jaws that have lost all their teeth.

For this reason, implants can also be used in older patients if they have no general health problems that suggest otherwise. In such patients implants can act as secure anchors both for permanent replacement teeth and for removable dentures.

Implants form secure anchoring points for permanent teeth.

When it comes to the appearance of teeth, implants are at least comparable with natural teeth: at last patients can chew, speak and laugh normally again, and that means they improve their quality of life. Dental implants are therefore not felt to be foreign and no one can see that they are not natural teeth.


Certified implantology – „teeth in one hour“

  • Certificate from the Landeszahnärztekammer Hessen –
    Award of the qualification
  • Consultations for implants
    Our certified practice for dental implants offers you the appropriate solution for replacing your teeth, while providing excellent value for money. We will be happy to make an appointment with you for a consultation.
  • Detailed preliminary examination and preparatory consultation
    At the preliminary examination we discuss the treatment options relevant to your situation.
  • Treatment plan
    We draw up a detailed treatment plan for all the steps planned in your treatment. So you have a precise idea of how long the treatment will last and how much it will cost.
  • Computer-navigated implantation procedure with immediate replacement teeth
  • Treatment takes only a short time, due to minimally invasive operating techniques

SimPlant Kiefermodell – © by Flemming Dental Service GmbH
Jaw model based on a computed tomography (CT) picture of the jaw.

Image: SimPlant Kiefermodell – © by Flemming Dental Service GmbH